Policies and Procedures


Music Together® CLASSES:

ARRIVE: Please arrive a few minutes early in order to get settled. We plan to start on time. You and your child should wear loose comfortable clothing suited for movement.

FOOD: Please DO NOT bring any food or drink into the classroom. However, since very young children have a need to suckle, feel free to breastfeed or bottle-feed your children at any time. If your child drinks from a sippy cup and is thirsty, feel free to step to the side of the room to give him/her a drink.

GROWN-UP VISITORS: Extra grown-ups are always welcome to come to class.

CHILD VISITORS: If your other child/children are off from school on a music day, you may bring them ONE time at no additional cost. After that, we will ask you to pay $15 per extra child per class. If you need to bring a child that is not yours for any reason, we will charge $15 per child. This money goes directly into our scholarship fund. Please let us know in advance if you are planning on bringing an extra child to class. Most likely there will be no problem, however, occasionally we have a very full class and cannot accommodate extra children.

YES, YOUR CHILD CAN MOVE AROUND! Children are allowed to move freely during the class. We ask that you, as the grown-up, monitor your child’s activity so accidents do not occur. You can either stay in the circle modeling your enthusiasm and enjoyment of the music, or you can bring the activity to him/her wherever he/she moves about. If he/she becomes disruptive (relax and have fun, your instructor will let you know if your child’s behavior is disruptive) please feel free to step outside for a minute or two to watch until your child is ready to come back.

NO RUNNING in the classroom unless it is directed as part of an activity. This is a safety issue! If you child really needs to run, feel free to take him/her outside of the building to run around and re-join us when ready.

MUSIC ONLY PLEASE. In order to create a successful music and movement experience for the children, it is necessary for the grown-ups to refrain from talking (unless so prompted) for the entire duration of the class. Grown-ups are encouraged to give physical and gestured cues and encouragement to the children instead of verbal instructions. Eye contact, smiles, affection and mimicking the child’s musical responses are effective ways to give positive reinforcement. PLEASE do not yell to your child from across the room.

TASTING: We will be using a variety of instruments. Some children will enjoy exploring the instruments with their mouths. This is developmentally appropriate! Therefore, we provide a “slobber bucket” in which all mouthed instruments should be placed at the end of an activity. Your instructor will clean and sanitize the instruments for later use.

ROLE MODEL: As adults we often have the impulse to control our child’s movements and manipulate their limbs; for example, clapping their hands for them or shaking their instrument for them. This is neither necessary nor encouraged, since it restricts the child from reacting spontaneously to the musical environment. (An exception to this may be with those children who have special needs and do not have voluntary control of their limbs.) Our extensive research shows that role modeling and caregiver participation is essential to musical development in children. By simply relaxing and enjoying the process of making music yourself, YOU are the best model for your children in class. Some children will participate in all of the activities, some will observe. Please respect the unique style of your child.

MAKE-UPS: We encourage you to attend your regularly scheduled class. However, you are entitled to a maximum of 3 makeup classes per session (2 in the summer). To sign up for makeups you may use the online makeup scheduler or call the office. There will be NO makeups allowed from one semester to the next. You can, however make up a class at the Eastham, Harwich, Sandwich , Plymouth or Falmouth location, no matter where the class you regularly attend takes place. Please see the Makeup Scheduler for availability.



REFUNDS/CREDITS: If you withdraw before the first class all money paid minus the $50 deposit will be refunded. If you withdraw within 24 hours after the first class, we will issue you a full credit toward a future Music Together registration. Like most schools, we cannot normally refund or give credit for classes missed during a semester, even if those absences have been frequent. Please see above for makeup policies. Nevertheless, at the discretion of the director, partial credit for up to six missed classes may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to severe illness, unsolvable adjustment difficulty, or other unusual circumstances. The computation of this tuition credit does not include registration fees, instrument or other purchases. Registrations are not transferable to other families.  

Also, as far as the Music Together classes, the whole orientation of the program is towards extending the class experience into the child's life outside of class by means of parent education and supporting materials, such as the Music Together CDs and songbooks. Tuition includes these items and consequently is not "wasted" even if classes are missed.