Policies and Procedures

   Updated for Fall 2020


ARRIVE: Please log in a few minutes early in order to get settled. You and your child should wear loose comfortable clothing suited for movement (PJs are totally fine!).  Try to set up in an open space to encourage dancing and movement.

HOW TO MAKE THE ONLINE CLASS WORK FOR YOUR FAMILY: In order to create a successful music and movement experience for the children, it is necessary for the grown-ups to participate with the children and teacher in class. Please do not drop your child in front of the screen and walk away!

IS YOUR TODDLER OBSESSED WITH THE DEVICE OR ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME? Put it up high where they cannot reach it or cast it to your TV.  Not seeing what's going on and having the modelling from the parent is more important than putting them in front of the screen. As in our in-person classes, caregiver participation is essential to musical development, look at your teacher as just your guide!

MAKE-UPS: We encourage you to attend your regularly scheduled class, but with the new format of online classes, you are allowed unlimited makeups and/or extra drop-in classes each week! To take advantage of this bonus, you need to use the makeup scheduler on the web site so your teacher knows you will be coming.  The new Zoom code will be in your confirmation email. Anyone can drop in to a Mixed Ages class (no matter which class they take), but MT Babies, Rhythm Kids and Con Espanol are not options for makeups.


WHAT TO BRING: 1) Blanket to sit on.  The ground can be uncomfortable in places. 2) Potty for the car! Please plan ahead and bring a potty for your toilet training toddler. We cannot guarantee a bathroom will be available. 3) Props/instruments for the week.  We will try to inform you ahead of time which instruments to bring, but plan to have a variety each week just in case.  (Instrument sets are for sale which you can bring back week after week if you choose not to gather household items). 4) Shade, if desired.  Some parts of the lawns may be in the sun, feel free to bring an umbrella, pop up tent, etc if you are concerned about the sun. 5) Sunscreen, bug spray, water, hats, etc. Pack like you are going to the beach! NOTE: Due to possible food allergies and/or jealousy, please do not bring food to your class.  Give your child a snack on the way there so they do not arrive hungry.

PLEASE TRY TO STAY IN YOUR DESIGNATED AREA. Masks must be worn when entering or leaving the class space, and any time 6 feet of distance from other families is not possible. Once settled into a spot, you may remove your masks. If your child starts to wander off, we invite you to musically scoop them up and return to your blanket. Keep singing and dancing as you do so!

IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: If the weather is not going to be conducive to holding class outside, you will be notified no later than 1 hour before by email/text/call and will receive a Zoom class code to join instead.  There will be NO refunds, credits or outside makeup classes offered.

WHAT IF I HAVE TO MISS CLASS? For fall, families are allowed unlimited Zoom makeup/drop in classes.  Please schedule your makeup/drop in through the "Schedule a Makeup" button on the web site to receive the code for the class of your choice. 

LIABILITY WAIVER: A waiver of liability will be emailed to you when you register for outside classes.  Please sign and return prior to your first class (online or by printing and mailing).  If you cannot do this ahead of time, there will be copies at your first class for you to sign.  Please make sure you have at least read it before coming.



REFUNDS/CREDITS: If you withdraw before the first class all money paid will be credited to your account for a future session to be used within one year. Like most schools, we cannot normally refund or give credit for classes missed DURING a semester, even if those absences have been frequent. Please see above for makeup policies. Nevertheless, at the discretion of the director, partial credit for up to six missed classes may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to severe illness, unsolvable adjustment difficulty, or other unusual circumstances. YOU MUST CONTACT MERYL IF ANYTHING OF THIS SORT IS HAPPENING.  NO CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE SEMESTER IS OVER. The computation of this tuition credit does not include registration fees, instrument or other purchases. Registrations are not transferable to other families. 

Also, as far as the Music Together classes, the whole orientation of the program is towards extending the class experience into the child's life outside of class by means of parent education and supporting materials, such as the Music Together CDs and songbooks, and access to online resources such as the private Facebook group. Tuition includes these items and consequently is not "wasted" even if classes are missed.