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The Music Together® program is so wonderful! I put my niece through the entire program back when she was only 2. Now she is about to become 10, plays flute and is in the school chorus (has the most beautiful singing voice!) Plus she still talks about how much she misses Meryl ...my gift of music to her at a young age is priceless - thanks to all of you for being there!

Suzanne, Orleans

My two year old son and I have just begun our third semester of Music Together. It is the highlight of his week and he asks every day if he can go to "myu-ic class". He loves the interaction with the other children and absolutely adores all the songs. Since we started, I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in my son. He has started singing along during classes and has even found the beat several times now. My family loves hearing him sing his Music Together songs to himself when he goes to bed at night and when he wakes up in the morning. This program has impacted our family is such a positive way, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to involve their young children in a worthwhile and fun learning experience!

Jill D, Plymouth

Meryl's Music classes have been an amazing part of my two and a half year old sons development! He looks forward to music class each week and loves listening to the music at home. We are in our forth session of music class and couldn't be any happier. Meryl is a great teacher and really makes learning about music fun and interactive. I would highly recommend music together with Meryl to anyone with young children.

Erin S, Orleans

We began the Music Together program when my son was six months old, he is nearly three and loves it. It is a wonderful early childhood education program that fosters a love of music, and aids in all areas of your child's development. Meryl and her staff are kind and nurturing, their love of music and children shows during each class.

Emily S, Barnstable

My daughter is almost three and has been attending classes since she was 6 months old. It is so great to see how her love of music has evolved with these wonderful classes. It has been a great experience for us both. (My daughter) loves it and looks forward to it every week.

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What a great experience for both child and caregiver!

Nicole S, E Falmouth

The classes at Meryl's are top notch!! All 3 of my children have enjoyed their classes and still continue to sing the songs today! There is a variety of classes to fit various interests in music. I highly recommend!!

Cherie S, South Yarmouth

I have been bringing my children to Meryls Music at her studio in Harwich for a few years. My kids LOVE Meryl and the music class. My oldest daughter is almost 5, middle one 3 and baby is 20 months. The musical growth in my children is remarkable. Their love music and instruments have grown more and more. The class is very friendly and interactive. The CD's we were given at the beginning of each session is great to have in the car and at home so we can enjoy the music all week. Thanks Meryl!!

Michelle R, South Yarmouth

It was wonderful watching my child grow in the eight weeks we attended class. He went from listening, to wanting to bang on the drums, and wanting to play with --well, chew on really -- the instruments. I am so glad we signed up! I really enjoy that the groups are mixed ages as my son loves watching the other kids. I also really apreciated being able to bring my mother along with us to show her what class was all about without having an additional charge

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Meryl's Music and Arts Center is amazing! My daughter has done six sessions with Meryls and she loves it, so do I. The songs are cute catchy easy for kids to remember and appropriate. The center is clean, welcoming, baby safe and baby friendly. The teachers are amazing, Mrs. Rachel is an great teacher. The staff is friendly, caring, patient, and helpful. I accredit Meryl's with helping my daughter come out of her shell. Although she started the classes shy and sitting in my lap, she is now running around the class singing with all the other kids!

Crystal M, Hyannis Port

We have been doing Meryl's Music Together for one year now, and it has been a wonderful experience. The teachers are enthusiastic, passionate, and caring. My son looks forward to music class each week and constantly wants me to sing the songs. My son is disabled and has a speech delay. Since we have done Music Together, his speech has improved dramatically. I would recommend this program to anyone with young children.

Jennifer N, Forestadale

Music Together with Meryl and her mother, Jan has been such a fun experience for me and my daughter. We started going when she was 13 months and she's three now and we're still enjoying it! I have seen incredible musical growth in my daughter since beginning classes with Jan. She sings all the time, loves the cds from class and other music that we play at home and in the car and we have a lot of fun making up our own words to the songs from class. We've used singing to ease stressful situations, to pass the time, to help her calm down, to distract her, etc. It's been wonderful watching her musical ability grow over the years and I know that it wouldn't have become as rich as it is without Meryl's Music and Arts classes. My infant son will be joining us this coming session and I can't wait to introduce him to music class.

Hannah C, Eastham

We have been doing Meryl's Music Together for the past several years with the team at Meryl's Music Together. If you are looking for a laid back class that your children are free to explore and enjoy music and movement, this is the class for you. Age-appropriate for newborns and up, it's great for siblings (and stress free for the adults that take them). My two year old son and nearly 4 year old daughter love music and I believe it helps them learn better and be better in all aspects of life. We love Miss Rachel and our class has become like family!

Michelle C, Hyannis Port

I am just so glad that my daughter loves music and that she looks forward to class each week. As an educator, I find it extremely rewarding to have a child that has become so interested in music which is so important for future learning.

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