Birthday Parties!


Musical Birthday Parties

Now offered at Meryl's Music or at your location of choice!



We would love to be a part of your child's birthday celebration this year!  We can come out to your house or other location and offer a fun filled 45 minutes of guided musical activity.  We will sing, dance, play instruments and more.  If you are a Music Together® family, we'd be happy to sing all your child's favorite songs.  We would also be happy to tailor the fun to whatever the theme of the party is.  Price includes an egg shaker for each child to take home with them (up to 12 eggs.  More may be purchased for $3 per egg).

Price:  $175 (at least a $50 non-refundable deposit required)

Call for availability.



Have your next birthday party at one of Meryl's Music and Arts Centers!   The Sandwich center accommodates up to 30 people (adults and children), and is a beautiful, sunny, open space, perfect for parties!  The Harwich center accommodates up to 20 people.  The Falmouth center accomodates up to 25 people and is great for parties as well.  MMAC is regularly available for parties on Sundays (and on certain Saturday afternoons).

Studio rental:Rental of our studio for birthdays is $275 ($50 non-refundable deposit required) and includes:

  • 2 hours for your party, with 20 minutes for set-up prior to start time
  • Use of our percussion instruments/gathering drums throughout party
  • We will lead your group in a music & movement activity appropriate for your age group.  We will sing, dance, play instruments and use our other props to create 45 minutes of non-stop fun!
  • Children's picnic tables which seat up to 12 kids (or, kids can eat "picnic style" on the floor)
  • Happy Birthday wall banner
  • An egg shaker for each child to take home with them (up to 12 eggs.  More may be purchased at $3 per egg)

You bring your own food, cake and any additional decorations. 

We do all the clean up and we're happy to help with anything else you need - decorating, serving, etc!

Local pizza delivery available from next door at Sandwich House of Pizza, there are 2 pizza places within walking distance of our space in Falmouth or delivery from either Dominos or BZs pizza at the Harwich space.

Activity Add-on (optional):
• Craft project (children 4 years and older, 12 kids max)  $7 per child, $49 minimum:  Kids decorate wooden maracas to take home, using all kinds of craft materials.*contact us for pricing for your party size.




Please call with any questions or to book your child's birthday party today!